Self registration of new members

Allow new members or casual players to register and sign up for your club themselves with optional approval from an administrator

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Note: If you are a member trying to sign up to a club, refer to the help article for members instead.

How does self registration work?

You can allow new members or casual players to sign-up to your club by enabling the self registration feature. Once enabled, new members will be able to fill out a simple registration form and go through the welcome process by themselves.

If needed, you can specify that new members have to be approved before they are allowed to login or enter the facility.

You can also specify who to send a notification email to whenever a new member registers, and even welcome them with a custom message.

To find out more about the registration process and how that works from a member’s perspective, check out the related help article for members.

How do I enable self registration?

To enable self registration for your club:

  1. Go to the Club module

  2. Open the Registration card

  3. Select Yes for Allow new members to sign up online

  4. Adjust the other settings as needed and press Save when done

You can also opt to receive an email notification for every new member that signs up. Simply enter one or more email addresses in the corresponding field:

Once a new member signs up, a notification email will be sent out to the email addresses you’ve entered with a link to view the member’s profile.

Handling approval of new members

You can set up an approval process so that new members that sign up must be approved by an administrator first. This can be set up globally under the registration settings, but can also be overridden for each specific membership type.

Look for the following setting under Club > Registration and under Membership Types > Edit > Conditions, Fee & Registration > Registration:

For membership types, there is also a special setting that can be toggled when approval is always required, to indicate that payment for a membership should only be collected from new members once they have been approved:

This will prevent you from having to issue refunds later on if the member is rejected.

If you have selected that new members must be approved, an alert will show up on the Members page to notify you if there are any new members pending approval.

You can view these pending members and then either approve or reject them as needed. Once approved, the new member will receive an email to say they have been approved and that they can now login to Hello Club and use their account.

Allowing members to invite their friends

To further encourage new members to join your club, you can also consider to allow members to invite their friends. More on that is explained in the linked help article.

Specifying joining fees

In addition to any (recurring) membership fees, you can also charge new members a one-off joining fee when they register. Refer to the dedicated help article for instructions on how to set those up.

Where do new members go to sign up?

Once self registration is enabled, the registration page will be activated and accessible to new members from your club’s login portal. You can also send them to the registration page directly using a unique link which is displayed below the registration settings:

Click this link to visit the page or click on the icon on the right to copy the link to your clipboard. Now you can add post this link on your website or social media pages to allow members to easily find your registration page.

You can also get a QR code to the registration page by clicking the button on the bottom left. Click here to read more about the QR code.

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