Allowing members to invite their friends

Grow your club or organisation by allowing your members to invite their friends to join

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If member self registration is enabled, you can also allow members to invite their friends to join your club or organisation. When enabled, a button will show up at the bottom of the Home page for any member to see:

You can also change your home page buttons to display this button more prominently:

When a member clicks on these buttons, they will b prompted to enter the name and email address of a friend. This will then send a personalised email to the recipient, including a link to your registration page.

Alternatively, they can click on Share link instead which will open the share interface on their mobile device or copy the link to the registration page to their clipboard.

How to enable invites

To enable this feature:

  1. Head to the Club module and open the Registration card

  2. Under the member registration settings, first ensure that Allow new members to sign up online is ticked. This enables member self registration.

  3. Tick the option to Allow members to invite others to join

You can verify the feature is enabled by going to the Home page and checking if the invite button shows up.

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