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Can’t find a specific module? It may be listed under a different name in your account.

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Throughout this help centre we will often refer to specific modules in the app. Depending on how your account was set up however, you may find that certain modules have a different name in your account.

This page lists some of the most common aliases of specific modules for reference, so that you can find them in your account.

If you still can’t find a specific module, or if you’d like to change the name of one of your modules, please let us know using the live chat and we’ll help you out.


The name of the club module depends on what type of organisation you selected when you signed up for Hello Club. Some common aliases for this module are:

  • Organisation

  • Association

  • Academy

  • Society

  • School

  • Studio

  • Gym


The members module can sometimes be found under the following aliases:

  • Players

  • Users


The coupons and coupon types modules are sometimes also referred to as:

  • Discounts

  • Vouchers

  • Donations

  • Purchases

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