What is Hello Club?

Here for the first time? Find out how Hello Club can help, from member management to facility access control

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Getting started

Get started with Hello Club with these easy to follow guides

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The basics

Simple how-to guides covering basic usage of Hello Club

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Managing your members

Learn how to effectively manage your members in Hello Club

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Memberships and subscriptions

Everything about managing your membership types and setting up membership subscriptions

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Finances and online payments

Manage your finances and collect online payments from your members

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Event and classes

Everything there is to know about managing events with Hello Club

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Managing bookings

Everything related to managing bookings and setting up your booking rules, fees and restrictions

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Activities, restrictions and fees

Learn how to set up and configure different activity modes, restrictions and fees

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Managing resources

Use our resource module to manage storage, lockers or other similar resources

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COVID-19 resources for club & organisations

A collection with tips, features and other resources for helping you get through the COVID-19 pandemic

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Access and light control

Manage access to your facility

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Increase your efficiency by using our 3rd party integrations

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Integrating with your website

All about integrating Hello Club with your website

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Guides for members

A collection of guides and help articles for members to make the most of Hello Club

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Using the kiosk touchscreen

Step by step guides for activating bookings using the kiosk touchscreen

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FAQs and troubleshooting

A curated list of most commonly asked questions and troubleshooting steps

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