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Learn how to set up joining fees or admin fees for new member registrations

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In addition to (recurring) membership fees, you can also charge any new members a one-off joining fee when they register.

This can be a small fee for anything that you can think of:

  • Generic admin fees

  • Association levies

  • Casual member fees

  • Tag fees

You can set up as many different joining fees as needed, and name them to best reflect what they are charged for.

How to setup joining fees

To set up your joining fees:

  1. Go to the Club module

  2. Open the Registration card

  3. Click on the Joining fees tab

  4. Click on Add joining fee to set up a new type of joining fee

  5. Specify a type and amount, and adjust the restrictions as needed

  6. Press Save to create the joining fee

You can repeat this process as many times as needed for different joining fees, and from the same screen you can also edit or remove any existing joining fees.

Frequently asked questions

Can we set up multiple different joining fees that will apply to new members?

Yes, as long as you specify a different type for each joining fee, and as long as the restrictions match the member that is registering, multiple different joining fees can and will be applied when new members sign up.

What if multiple joining fees of the same type match a new member?

In that case we will automatically select the cheapest joining fee of each type.

Can we restrict joining fees to a specific age group or geographic region?

Yes, you can set up joining fees that only apply to a specific age group or members signing up with an address in a specific geographic region.

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