Sending welcome emails

Send welcome emails for easy onboarding of your members or to help members that have forgotten their login details

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What are welcome emails

Welcome emails are the perfect tool for onboarding your members. Each welcome email contains a customisable welcome text and a link to Hello Club which allows them to quickly set up their account and complete any missing personal details.

The welcome process is simple and intuitive, and guides the member through the following steps:

  1. Choose their sign in method (Google, Facebook or username/password)

  2. Collect personal information

  3. Collect any additional information, like custom fields

  4. Sign in to Hello Club

Sending welcome emails to all members at once

You can send welcome emails in bulk to all your members after you’ve imported them to Hello Club. The emails will then be sent to any member that matches the following criteria:

To send a bulk welcome email:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module

  2. Hover over the green plus button in the bottom right corner of the screen

  3. Locate the option to Send welcome emails

A dialog will show all eligible members and ask you for confirmation.

Tip: Before sending out bulk welcome emails to all your members, we recommend sending a quick message to your members first, to let them know they can expect an email from Hello Club soon.

Sending out a single welcome email

You can also send a single welcome email to an individual member. That way, when you are manually adding a new member, you only need to fill out their name and email address, send them a welcome email, and let them take care of the rest.

Not only is this a huge time saver, it also prevents mistakes when entering their details manually or copying them from a paper form.

To send a single welcome email to a specific member:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module and find the relevant member

  2. Select the Send welcome email option in the member’s context menu

  3. Confirm to send the welcome email

If the option is not visible, make sure the member has a valid email address.

Getting a welcome link manually

To get a welcome link for a member manually, follow the same steps as above to send a welcome email, but instead of confirming, click the button Get link instead:

This will copy a unique welcome link for this member to your clipboard, so that you can send it to the member manually.

Frequently asked questions

What if a member didn’t receive their welcome email?

If a member didn’t receive their welcome email for some reason, check the Email log to see if their email bounced or failed for some reason.

You can always retry and send another email. There is no limit to how many welcome emails a member can receive. However, if they keep having trouble with the welcome email or if you want to send them a link to the welcome process in another way, use the steps detailed above to obtain a welcome link manually instead.

For security reasons, welcome links are only valid for three weeks. This applies to both welcome emails and manually generated links.

If a member doesn’t click on the link in that time, they will no longer be able to use that link to setup their account. If that happens, you can simply send them a new welcome email or link whenever they’re ready.

What about members that sign up on their own?

New members that sign up themselves through the registration process will already have entered all their details and don't need to be sent a welcome email in addition.

Can I send a welcome email to someone who forgot their login details?

Yes, the welcome email is a great too to allow a member to reset their login details in case they've misplaced those.

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