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Find answers to common questions asked about using the kiosk light control screen

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This article covers frequently asked questions on the following topics:

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Signing in to the kiosk screen

How can I sign in to the kiosk screen?

To sign in to the kiosk screen, either scan your tag on the reader located near the screen, or press the blue ENTER PIN button at the top right.

Checking in for your booking

Can I check-in for my booking early?

Yes, once you’ve signed in to the kiosk touchscreen and created a booking, you can check-in to your booking, even before the booking start time. How early you can check-in will depend on your facility and may vary from several hours to a few minutes.

Does everyone in the booking have to check-in?

It’s possible that your facility doesn’t require all players in the booking to check themselves in. In that case, it is enough for one of the players in the booking to check-in at the kiosk touchscreen.

The remaining players that haven’t checked-in yet will be displayed in a gray colour instead of red, to signify that their check-in is not required.

Why can’t I see my booking?

If you can’t see your booking, there could be a few reasons for that:

  • Your booking already expired

  • Your booking is for a different day

  • Your booking hasn’t been synchronised to the system yet

In the latter case, we recommend getting in touch with your facility administrator as it’s possible there is an internet outage or other disruption preventing online bookings from being synced properly.

If I have two or more bookings in a row, do I need to check-in for each one?

If you have two or more consecutive bookings in a row, you will only need to check-in to the first one, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The bookings are consecutive

  • The bookings are on the same court

  • The bookings are for the same activity and mode

  • The bookings are for the same players

In this case, the system will consider these bookings as one long consecutive booking, and you'll only have to check-in once, and the lights will come on for the total duration of all bookings combined.

If the bookings are for a different court, a different activity, or different players, you’ll have to check-in for each booking individually.

Using bookings for your session

Why can’t I start a session without a booking?

If your facility is using the Automatic or Check-in light control settings, it is not possible for members to start ad-hoc sessions without a booking. Please create a new booking first to activate the lights.

Can I use a pre-paid booking with an ad-hoc session?

No, this is no longer possible. If you want to use a pre-paid booking to activate your lights, please check-in to your booking first and follow the steps to start your booking.

Warm-up sessions

Can I start a warm-up session before my booking starts?

Yes, if not all players are there yet, you may be able to start a warm-up session before your booking starts, if your facility allows this. If you can’t see the warm-up session option, please ask your facility manager to enable this.

How long does a warm-up session last?

The warm-up session will be activated for as long as it is allowed by your facility settings. This could be for example until 10 minutes after the booking start time.

Can I stop my warm-up session early?

Yes, simply tag in at the kiosk again, and press STOP WARM-UP to end your warm-up session and turn off the lights.

Can I stop my warm-up session and then start it again?

Yes, as long as the court or table is still available, and the warm-up end time hasn't passed yet, you can restart your warm-up session as often as needed.

Why can’t I see the warm-up button?

The warm-up button will only appear if:

  • Your facility is not using the fully Automatic light control mode

  • Warm-up has been enabled for the activity

  • There is no one else currently using the area

  • The lights are not in override or on for an event

  • It’s close enough to the start time of the booking as per the facility rules

  • You have checked-in for your booking

Starting and stopping your session

Can I change the duration of my session?

Yes, if your facility is using the flexible light control mode, and you started an ad-hoc session without booking or your booking doesn’t require payment, you can change the duration of your session while it’s active.

Do I have to stop my session manually?

No, in general all sessions will stop automatically. However, you can stop your session early if you want, unless your facility is using the fully automated light control mode.

Do the lights turn off between sessions of different players?

Yes, to indicate that one session has ended and the next one is about to start, the system will turn off the lights automatically for 15 seconds in between sessions.

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