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Checking in for your booking
Checking in for your booking

Learn how to check-in for your booking at the kiosk touchscreen

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If your sports club or organisation has a Hello Club access and light control system installed, this may include a kiosk touchscreen which you can use to turn on the court or table lights for your booking.

Our series of help articles explains how to operate the kiosk touchscreen and use it to activate your bookings. This article explains how to check-in for your booking so that you can then start your session.

Note: If your facility is using the Automatic light control setting, there is no need to check-in for your booking, as the lights will come on automatically at the booking start time. You can tap on your booking to view it and confirm the start time.

How to check-in for your booking

Once you’ve signed in to the kiosk touchscreen and created a booking, you can check-in to your booking to activate the court or table lights.

To check-in, tap the green CHECK-IN button under the booking you want to activate:

If the check-in button is not available, it’s possible that check-in is not open yet for this booking. In that case, tap the VIEW button instead to see when check-in will become available:

Once you’ve checked in, a dialog will show up where you can see the check-in status of all the the players in the booking:

From here, you can check-in any remaining players by scanning their tag or entering their pin number. Anyone who still needs to check-in will be displayed in red.

If the other players aren’t there yet, you can close the dialog and wait for them to arrive, or start a warm-up session if this is available.

If there are no other players in the booking, or if everyone has checked in, you can go ahead and start your booking.

Frequently asked questions

Does everyone in the booking have to check-in?

It’s possible that your facility doesn’t require all players in the booking to check themselves in. In that case, it is enough for one of the players in the booking to check-in at the kiosk touchscreen.

The remaining players that haven’t checked-in yet will be displayed in a gray colour instead of red, to signify that their check-in is not required.

Why can’t I see my booking?

If you can’t see your booking, there could be a few reasons for that:

  • Your booking already expired

  • Your booking is for a different day

  • Your booking hasn’t been synchronised to the system yet

In the latter case, we recommend getting in touch with your facility administrator as it’s possible there is an internet outage or other disruption preventing online bookings from being synced properly.

If I have two or more bookings in a row, do I need to check-in for each one?

If you have two or more consecutive bookings in a row, you will only need to check-in to the first one, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The bookings are consecutive

  • The bookings are on the same court

  • The bookings are for the same activity and mode

  • The bookings are for the same players

In this case, the system will consider these bookings as one long consecutive booking, and you'll only have to check-in once, and the lights will come on for the total duration of all bookings combined.

If the bookings are for a different court, a different activity, or different players, you’ll have to check-in for each booking individually.

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