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Starting your booking

Find out how to start your booking and activate the court or table lights using the kiosk touchscreen at your sports facility

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If your sports club or organisation has a Hello Club access and light control system installed, this may include a kiosk touchscreen which you can use to turn on the court or table lights for your booking.

Our series of help articles explains how to operate the kiosk touchscreen and use it to activate your bookings. This article explains how to activate and start your booking once you’ve created a new booking and checked in.

How to start your booking

The exact steps for starting your booking may vary per facility, depending on their rules and preferences. Hello Club supports three different light control settings which you may encounter at different facilities:

  • Automatic – Fully automated lights linked to bookings

  • Check-in required – Lights linked to bookings with a check-in at the kiosk

  • Flexible – Lights can be activated any time without a booking

The following steps explain how to start your booking for each of the above settings. If you are unsure which setting is used at your facility, please ask one of the admins at your facility to confirm.

Automatic light control

When the automatic light control setting is used, the lights for your session will come on automatically at the booking start time, regardless of whether anyone is actually present at the facility and checked-in or not.

Lights will also come off automatically at the end of the session, and there is no need for players to interact with the kiosk touchscreen to start their booking.

Check-in required

If check-in is required, the system will require at least one player to check-in before the booking can start. Depending on the facility settings, it’s possible that all players in the booking have to check-in first.

if everyone in the booking has checked-in on time, your booking will start automatically at the scheduled booking start time. There is no need to manually activate the lights.

If you’ve arrived early, you can VIEW your booking to confirm the start time, or start a warm-up session if available:

If you or other players in your booking complete the check-in after the booking start time has passed, the last person to check-in will have to tap START to activate your booking manually:

Flexible light control

For the flexible light control setting, you can start your session early, before the booking start time, as long as there is no one else using the court or table. To do this, tap the START button if this is available:


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