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Using the kiosk touchscreen
Starting a session without a booking
Starting a session without a booking

Learn how to start an ad-hoc session without a prior booking

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If your sports club or organisation has a Hello Club access and light control system installed, this may include a kiosk touchscreen which you can use to turn on the court or table lights for your booking.

Our series of help articles explains how to operate the kiosk touchscreen and use it to activate your bookings. This article explains how to start a session without creating a booking first.

Note: This feature is only available if you facility is using the Flexible light control setting. For the automatic or check-in light control settings, you must make a booking first in order to start a session.

How to start a session without a booking

Once you’ve signed in to the kiosk touchscreen, tap the SELECT COURT button that should appear between the new booking and logout buttons:

Select type of session

On the area selection screen, you can now select an area to start your session on:

Tap on any of the available areas that aren’t in use to continue.

Select type of session

In the next step you can choose what type of session you’d like to start. The types of sessions that are available may differ depending on your facility.

Tap any of the available session types to continue.

Tag in any additional players

If the session type requires additional players, you will be asked to tag them in as well:

Scan another tag or enter the PIN number of another player to continue if needed.

Start your session

Once enough players have tagged in, you will be able to tap START to begin:

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I start a session without a booking?

If your facility is using the Automatic or Check-in light control settings, it is not possible for members to start ad-hoc sessions without a booking. Please create a new booking first to activate the lights.

Can I use a pre-paid booking with an ad-hoc session?

No, this is no longer possible. If you want to use a pre-paid booking to activate your lights, please check-in to your booking first and follow the steps to start your booking.

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