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Creating a new booking

Learn how to create a new booking using the kiosk touchscreen

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If your sports club or organisation has a Hello Club access and light control system installed, this may include a kiosk touchscreen which you can use to turn on the court or table lights for your booking.

Our series of help articles explains how to operate the kiosk touchscreen and use it to activate your bookings. This article explains how to create a new booking using the kiosk touchscreen. You can also make a booking via the app if you prefer.

How to create a new booking

Once you’ve signed in to the kiosk touchscreen, you can tap the NEW BOOKING button to create a new booking:

If your facility is using the Flexible light control setting, you can skip this step and start a session without booking instead by tapping SELECT COURT:

Of course you can still create a new (future) booking in this case by tapping NEW BOOKING as well.

The bookings page

After you’ve tapped the new booking button, you will end up on the bookings page where you can see an overview of all upcoming bookings for all of the available activities and areas:

Use the selection menu in the top right to switch between different activities if available, or tap the calendar icon to select a different day:

Once you’re ready to make a booking, tap on the desired booking time and follow the steps to complete your booking.

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