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Starting a warm-up session before your booking starts
Starting a warm-up session before your booking starts

Find out how to turn the lights on for a warm-up session before your booking or while waiting for other players to arrive

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If your sports club or organisation has a Hello Club access and light control system installed, this may include a kiosk touchscreen which you can use to turn on the court or table lights for your booking.

Our series of help articles explains how to operate the kiosk touchscreen and use it to activate your bookings. This article explains how to start a warm-up session before your booking starts.

Note: Warm-up sessions are not available if your facility is using the fully Automatic light control setting. In addition, warm-up sessions may have been disabled for one or more activities or session types. Please check with your facility admin to confirm.

What are warm-up sessions?

Warm-up sessions can be useful if you’ve arrived at the facility early and are waiting for other players in your booking to arrive or check-in. A warm-up session will allow you to turn on the court or table lights while you wait.

Warm-ups will typically be available from around 20 minutes before your booking starts, until about 10 minutes after the booking has started. The exact timing may differ and will depend on your facility settings.

How to start a warm-up session

To start a warm-up session, make sure that you are signed in to the kiosk screen and that you have checked-in for your booking.

Once you’re signed in, you will see an overview of your upcoming bookings. Tap the booking that you’d like to activate the warm-up mode for to open the check-in dialog.

If a warm-up session is available, you will see a button appear next to your name:

Tap WARM-UP to activate the lights for your warm-up session.

If you can’t see the warm-up button, it could be that the warm-up is not available for your booking yet. If warm-up is allowed, a message will indicate from what time warm-up will become available:

Note that warm-up sessions are only available if there are no other players using the same court or table at that time.

Once all other players in your booking have checked-in as well, your warm-up session will automatically transition to a regular session, without the need to visit the kiosk and without your lights turning off.

How to stop a warm-up session

To stop your warm-up session early, just sign-in to the kiosk and press the STOP WARM-UP button to turn off the lights again:

The warm-up session will turn off automatically if the rest of the players don’t check-in to the booking or start the booking once they arrive.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a warm-up session last?

The warm-up session will be activated for as long as it is allowed by your facility settings. This could be for example until 10 minutes after the booking start time.

Can I stop my warm-up session early?

Yes, simply tag in at the kiosk again, and press STOP WARM-UP to end your warm-up session and turn off the lights.

Can I stop my warm-up session and then start it again?

Yes, as long as the court or table is still available, and the warm-up end time hasn't passed yet, you can restart your warm-up session as often as needed.

Why can’t I see the warm-up button?

The warm-up button will only appear if:

  • Your facility is not using the fully Automatic light control mode

  • Warm-up has been enabled for the activity

  • There is no one else currently using the area

  • The lights are not in override or on for an event

  • It’s close enough to the start time of the booking as per the facility rules

  • You have checked-in for your booking

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