Changing the home page buttons

Customise the buttons on your home page to suit your needs

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You can change what pages the buttons on the home page link to, and organisations on our Premium plan can even change their colour to reflect any custom branding.

As these buttons are generally one of the first things your members will see after they log in to the app, it’s important to have these link to the modules or custom pages that you think are most important for your members.

How to change the home page buttons

To adjust the home page buttons:

  1. Head to Settings > General > Homepage

  2. For each of the four available buttons, specific the preferred action or page

  3. You can even link them to custom pages if you want

  4. If needed, adjust the colours of the buttons to suit your brand

  5. Press Save to confirm your changes

Visit the home page to check out your new buttons!

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