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Managing bookings
Introduction to bookings
Introduction to bookings

Learn how to set up your Hello Club booking calendar

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Members can make bookings on courts, rooms or other facilities using the Bookings calendar.

The booking calendar shows what can be booked at what time. Members can also see if a time has already been booked by somebody. Events will also show on the booking calendar.


To set up bookings:

  • Create an Activity and give it a name (i.e Squash, Tennis, Meeting room) by using the Activities module.

  • Create some Areas (i.e Court 1, Court 2, Room 1, Room 2) using the Areas module.

Think of the activity as being the sport, and the areas as being the place the sport is held.

Click here to learn more about setting up your areas.

When setting up your Activity, you can set up everything from fees to booking times and any booking restrictions.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll need to set up in your Activity:

Activity Details

  • Activity name

  • Area name (court, rooms, etc)

  • Session durations; minimum and max duration

  • Booking settings


  • Types of bookings, otherwise known as Activity Modes

  • Examples of modes are Play, Practice or Visitor modes

  • Modes can be charged at different rates (using the Fees section, see more below) and include different amounts of members

Playing Time Restrictions

If you are set up with our hardware access and light control, you can define playing time restrictions. Playing time restrictions define:

  • Who can activate a session in an area

  • When they can activate a session in the area

  • Any limits that apply to activating a session

Tip: Restrictions are checked bottom up on matching membership and day/time, meaning the most general restrictions should sit at the top, with increasingly more specific restrictions added below them.

Booking Time Restrictions

These restrictions allow bookings to be made online and define the following:

  • Which members can book (members of specific memberships, etc)

  • What times members can book

  • Any limits that apply to bookings (disallowing consecutive bookings, 1 booking per day, etc)

Tip: if your areas have area times set up, then you could set booking times to 0:00 - 24:00 as the area times will determine the available timeslots on the booking calendar.

Peak Time Restrictions

These restrictions are similar to the above, however, they allow you to determine which times are known as peak hours. You may also which to restrict peak hours to certain membership types. For example, maybe only members on a specific membership are able to book during peak times.

The timeslots for peak times are yellow on the booking calendar.


These are fairly self-explanatory. You can set fees during specific times and different fees for different membership types.

For example, you may charge more for bookings during peak times. So you can create a fee that is valid during peak times, and a different fee for outside of peak times.

Take note of which fee applies to which mode, which you can see on the left below the bold lettering.

Tip: Fees are checked bottom up on matching membership and day/time, meaning the most general fees should sit at the top, with increasingly more specific fees added below them.

Once bookings are ready to go, we recommend testing some booking scenarios to ensure they are working as you'd like.

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