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Making a new booking is quick and easy. First, head to the Bookings module via the menu or using the green bookings button on the home page:

Here you can see all existing bookings as well as any upcoming events.

Choose the date and activity

Once on the booking page, you can move forward and back one day at a time by clicking on the arrows next to the current date:

To select a specific date, you can also click on the calendar icon in the top right, or press Today to quickly go back to today's date:

If your club or facility has multiple activities, you can select the preferred activity from the dropdown next to these buttons.

Select a time slot

Once you have selected your preferred date and activity, you can make a booking by clicking on a time slot for a specific area which is still available (indicated in white):

If your club or facility allows you to make multi-slot bookings, you can expand your booking by clicking on another time slot:

Once you’re happy with your selection, click on the green block to confirm this slot.

Select a booking type

A dialog will appear where you can select the type of booking you want to make. If allowed, you’ll also be able to select if you want to make a booking for yourself or someone else.

Once you have selected a booking type, press Next to continue with your booking.

Select members or players

If applicable to the booking type, you will be able to select which members or players you want to make the booking for. Simply start typing another member’s name and a list will appear for you to pick from. You can also select one of your recently picked players.

Confirm your booking

If your booking doesn’t require payment, you will be prompted to confirm your booking on the next screen. Here you can also choose to send yourself a confirmation email and/or a reminder email.

If you send yourself a confirmation email, this email will automatically create an event for you on your Google Calendar if you open the email in Gmail.

Once confirmed, your booking will appear in green on the booking page, and will also be listed in your upcoming bookings on the home page.

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