Getting a pin number for your booking

Find out how to get a pin number for your booking to open doors and turn on court lights

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If your club or facility has an access control system with a pin pad and if you don’t have a permanent access tag, you will receive a pin number to open the door to the facility and activate the court lights.

Your pin number will be displayed after you’ve made your booking. You can also view it by clicking on your booking and then on the Pin number button at the bottom of the dialog:

This will display your pin number as well as the times during which this pin number is valid. 

If you opted for a confirmation email, your pin number will also be included in that email for reference.

Frequently asked questions

Why haven’t I received a pin number?

If you haven’t received a pin number after making a booking, it could mean that your club or facility doesn’t have a pin pad entry system. 

If they do, it could mean that you already have a permanent tag to access the facility, in which case you don’t need a temporary pin number.

If you think you should be getting a pin number, please contact your club or facility and they will be able to help you out.

My pin number doesn’t work

Please check the validity of your pin number. It could be that you are trying to use it before or after the pin number is valid. 

It could also be that an administrator has disabled your pin number, or that you don’t have access to the specific door you are trying to open.

If you think your pin number should work, please contact your club or facility and they will be able to help you out.

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