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Find out how to pay for your booking using online payments, coupons or account credit

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If you have selected a booking type which requires payment, or if you’re playing as (or with) a casual player, the relevant fee will be displayed at the confirmation step when creating a booking:

Press Continue to be taken to the payment page, where you can select a payment method and pay for your booking. 

Paying with coupons or discount cards

If coupons or discount cards are enabled, you will be able to pay for your booking with these coupons. Simply follow the prompts, and mark the checkbox to use your coupons for this booking:

Paying with account credit

If you have previously topped up your account, or if an administrator loaded funds into your account, you may be able to pay for your booking with your account credit. 

Simply mark the relevant checkbox to pay with your available account credit:

Paying through an online payment

If you’re not paying with account credit or coupons, you can pay for your booking through an online payment.

Depending on your club’s country and enabled payment options, you may have different payment methods available to you.

Choose your preferred payment and enter your card details if needed, and press Next to view the payment details and confirm your payment.

Note: Depending on your selected payment method and whether or not your club or facility covers fees, a payment processing fee may be included in your payment amount.

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