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This article explains how you can manage members that share a single email address, for example a couple or a family

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It is possible in Hello Club for multiple members to share the same email address. This means a couple or a family can use a single email address and still have two separate member accounts in Hello Club, both linked to the same email address.

Read on to find out what the implications are and how to manage this.

Creating members with the same email address

Whether you are adding a new member by hand or importing many members at once, you can safely assign the same email address to multiple members.

Whenever emails go out to those members, they usually address the member by their first name, so that should be enough to differentiate who the email was for.

Sending welcome emails

When sending out welcome emails to multiple members with the same email address, each welcome email will contain a unique link personal to each of the members. That means each of the members can use their own welcome email to set up their individual account.

Sending generic emails

When you send generic emails to your members through Hello Club, we will filter out duplicate email addresses, so that the same email is not delivered multiple times to the same address.

This means that only one of the members will receive the email, but since they all share the same inbox, each of the members should be able to read the email.

Synchronising to Mailchimp

If you are using our Mailchimp integration, you can synchronise your Hello Club members to your audience lists in Mailchimp. However, as Mailchimp doesn't allow duplicate email addresses in your list of contacts, we will only synchronise one of the members to Mailchimp to prevent errors.

Usually this will be the first member that was signed up with that email address.

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