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Send emails to your members directly from within Hello Club

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You can organise your members in groups and then email them directly from within Hello Club. This can be an effective tool to quickly send a message to a specific group of members, like all juniors, committee members, teams, ex-members, etc.

To email members, look for the email button when you hover over the green action button in the bottom right of the screen:

You can also select one or more individual members by clicking the checkbox next to their avatar and emailing only to this selection by clicking on the Email button:

The resulting dialog will allow you to write up a quick email to send to your members.

To send more elaborate newsletters, we recommend that you use our Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor integrations instead.

Frequently asked questions

Why does the recipient count not match the number of members?

The recipient count for mailing members represents the total number of members for your current filter, who have an email address. It's possible that some of your members don't have an email address, or that you are filtering on a field which doesn’t bring up all your members.

Why does the recipient count not match the number of emails sent?

Once an email gets sent, the mailing system will perform some more rigorous checks on email addresses to ensure that they are valid, and it will avoid sending the same email to duplicate email addresses. It's possible that some of your members (for example a family) share the same email address. In that case, the email will only be sent once, even though the members are counted as multiple recipients.

Is there a limit on how many emails I can send?

There is no email limit for the Entry plan or higher. Trial accounts are limited to up to 150 emails per month as well, but to prevent abuse from email spammers, trial accounts are also restricted to how many emails they can send by account age.

If you are running into a limit but need to send out legitimate emails to your members, please contact us and we can look at lifting your limit.

Can I see who received or didn’t receive my email?

Yes, you can use the email log to monitor any outgoing emails in your account. To  view the log, head to Logs > Email Log. You can filter the entries on status and date to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can also use the search function to find specific emails.

Can I have members unsubscribe from our emails?

Yes, members can opt to unsubscribe from club emails if they want. You will need to enable the ability to unsubscribe from club emails, by going to Settings > Email > General and ticking the following:

Members can now unsubscribe from club emails by selecting unsubscribe from these emails at the bottom of a club email:

Those who have unsubscribed from emails will not receive any event related or generic club emails. However, they will still receive emails relating to transactions and membership renewals.

Anyone who has unsubscribed from club emails will have a new icon appear next to their name in the member list:

You can even filter for anyone who has unsubscribed from club emails by setting the Other filter selection to Unsubscribed from email:

An admin can re-subscribe or unsubscribe a member from club emails by visiting their profile, opening the Member Details card, navigating to the Club tab and toggling the email subscription setting:

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