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How to get members without email address to sign in to Hello Club

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If you have members in your database which don’t have an email address, or if you simply don’t have their email address, it is still possible to get them to sign in to Hello Club and use the portal.

There are three ways to handle this, read on to find out which approach is best suited to your needs.

1. Obtaining their email address

The recommended approach is to contact the member in an alternative way if possible, for example by phone, and simply ask them for their email address.

Once you have it, you can update their member record and then send out a welcome email to the member so they can complete their sign up.

You could also post a notice for members at your facility or on social media, and ask them to reach out with their email addresses. You can then enter these into Hello Club and proceed with sending out welcome emails.

2. Sending a welcome link manually

If the member doesn't have an email address, or you are unable to obtain this from them, you can also send them a welcome link using another communication channel.

To do that, you can obtain a welcome link for the member manually and then copy this into a text message or social media message.

This link will remain valid for three weeks, and will work the same as the link in the welcome email.

3. Setting up a username and password

If all else fails, you can set up a username and password for your member manually, and ask them to change this when they first sign in.

To set up a username and password for your member:

  1. Head to your Members in the People module

  2. Find the member in question and click on their name

  3. Open the Permissions, roles & sign in details card

  4. Click on the Sign in details tab

  5. Enter a username and password and press Save

Note: For security reasons, we recommend to generate a random password of at least 8-10 digits, and to not use the same password for multiple members.

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