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Quickly add members to your mailing lists and subscribe them to your newsletters with our Mailchimp Integration

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About our Mailchimp integration

Our Mailchimp integration allows you to add members to your Mailchimp mailing lists, and subscribe them to specific lists or interest groups.

This means you can quickly subscribe new or existing members to your newsletters, without having to leave Hello Club.

Setting up the Mailchimp integration

To setup the Mailchimp integration:

  1. Go to the Integrations module

  2. Open the Mailchimp card

  3. Click on the green Connect to Mailchimp button

  4. You will be taken to Mailchimp where you need to login with your Mailchimp username and password to authorise the integration

  5. Once you've logged in, you will be taken back to Hello Club

  6. Click on Setup default lists to select default lists and interest groups for your members

  7. Click on Setup audience fields to link your Mailchimp audience fields and merge tags to your default or custom fields in Hello Club

  8. Click Save to save your settings

Your integration is now setup and ready to go!

Adding all current members to Mailchimp

After you’ve setup your Mailchimp integration, you can add all your current members to Mailchimp as follows:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module

  2. Hover over the green plus button in the bottom right, then click on the add to Add members to Mailchimp button:

In the dialog that shows up, select the lists and/or interest groups that you want to add your members to and press Continue to start adding the members. Members will be added in batches of up to 500 members at a time.

Please note that only current members with a valid email address will be added to Mailchimp. Archived members or members without email address will not be added.

Adding a specific member

To add a single member to Mailchimp:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module

  2. Click on the name of the relevant member

  3. Select the Add to Mailchimp option in the member’s context menu

  4. Select the lists and/or interest groups that you want to add the member to and press Confirm to add the member

Adding a new member

If you’re adding a new member and you have entered their email address, you will be presented with an option to automatically add them to Mailchimp as well:

Simply tick this checkbox to automatically add the new member to your default mailing lists and interest groups.

If you want to add the member to specific lists or interest groups instead, you can untick the checkbox and add them to Mailchimp later after you’ve created the member.

Automatically adding newly registered members

If you have enabled self registration of new members, you can automatically add newly registered members to your default mailing lists and interest groups:

  1. Go to the Club module

  2. Open the Registration card

  3. Under Mailing integrations, tick the checkbox to automatically add members to your Mailchimp lists

  4. Press Save to confirm your settings

Frequently asked questions

What happens if someone is already on my mailing list?

If someone is already on your mailing list, they will not be added again, but have their details updated instead. This prevents duplicates and keeps your data up-to-date in Mailchimp.

If someone has unsubscribed from my mailing lists, will they be added again if I add all members?

No, if you are adding all members at once, anyone who has previously unsubscribed from your mailing lists will not be subscribed again.

However, if you are adding a single member to Mailchimp, we will attempt to subscribe them again. This way you can add someone that may have unsubscribed by accident, or wants to resubscribe.

I'm getting an error when adding someone to my mailing list.

There could be several reasons why Mailchimp may reject a certain email address. One possibility is that the email address may be present on the suppressed emails list, meaning that it may have hard bounced or that the person unsubscribed from your mailing list.

Another reason could be that the email address the person is using comes from a throw-away email service, like Mailchimp doesn’t like these email addresses, and won’t let you add them to your lists.

What if different members share the same email address?

If different members share the same email address, only one of them will be added. You can update their name in Mailchimp manually if needed.

I can’t find a certain member in Mailchimp.

Please make sure that the member is not archived, and that they have a valid email address. If this member is using the same email address as a different member, it’s possible that the other member has been added instead.

What are the default lists and interest groups used for?

The default lists and interest groups that you setup are used in the following situations:

  1. When you add a new member, you are prompted to add them to the Mailchimp mailing lists. If this option is ticked, the member will be added to the default lists and interest groups.

  2. Each time you add all current members to your Mailchimp mailing lists, your default lists and interest groups will be pre-selected.

  3. If you have new member registration enabled, new members can automatically be added to your default lists and interest groups when they sign up.

How do I sign up for Mailchimp?

If you don't have a Mailchimp account yet, you can open one here. Mailchimp has a free plan available if you’re sending mailings for up to 2,000 subscribers, and is a great tool to send out newsletters to your members.

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