Setting up classes or events

A guide on setting up classes or events for your members

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Administrators and event managers can set up classes or events using the Events module. Hello Club caters for a large variety of different events:

  • General events

  • Virtual events

  • On-site and off-site events

  • Classes

  • Tournaments

  • Meetings

All events can be made recurring or set up as multi day events. You can even set up hidden events which won't be visible to your members, but can be used to block out the booking page for a specific date and time range.

Regular events are visible to members through the booking and calendar pages, where they will be able to view the event and sign up to them if applicable. A list of four upcoming events is also displayed on the home page of your portal.

Step 1 – Basic details

When creating a new event, the first step is to fill out the basic details for the event such as the name, description, location and activity types:

  1. Head to the Events module

  2. Click on the green button in the bottom right to add a new event

  3. Fill out the basic details and select the event location and activity type

  4. Press the Next button

Step 2 – Date & time

On the next page, first select the type of event. You can choose from the following event types:

  • Single day event
    For a single event that doesn't repeat and doesn't span multiple days.

  • Recurring event
    For an event that repeats itself, either indefinitely or for a set number of times. See the recurring events help article for more information.

  • Multi day event
    For a non-repeating event that spans multiple days or multiple time slots in a single day. See the multi day events help article for more information.

Once you’ve selected the event type, enter a date, start time and end time for the event and press Next to continue.

Step 3 – Recurrence

If you are setting up a recurring event, you will be taken to the recurrence page where you can configure how this event should repeat itself.

Please refer to the guide on recurring events for more details on how to set up and manage recurring events.

Step 4 – Notifications

In the next step, you can set up notifications for this event, to notify members or attendees automatically by email before or after the event. For more information on how to set up event notifications, please refer to the dedicated help article.

Set up your notifications as needed and press Next to continue.

Step 5 – System

If you have our access and/or light control system installed, you will be given the option to automatically turn on lights or open doors at the start of the event.

Change these settings to your liking and press Next when done.

Step 6 – Attendance & fees

In the next pages you can allow members to sign up for an event, and determine settings such as attendee limits, questions to ask when members sign up, and define a flexible fee structure for the event.

Attendance settings

First, specify whether members can sign up for an event or not and optionally enter a limit for the number of attendees.


If you’ve enabled event attendance, you can add questions in the next step, which will be displayed to members when they sign up to the event. You can make these questions required or optional:

Rules & Fees

The last page related to event attendance gives you the ability to set up rules and fees for your event. You can add as many different rules as you like, and fees can be based on specific membership type or whether the attendees are casual members, guests or visitors. You can also allow for fees to be payable by coupons or membership benefit.

If you choose for fees to be refundable if cancelled in time, you can set up the event refund threshold under Settings > Events.

Step 7 – Organisers

The last steps is to specify who the event organisers are. You can specify as many organisers as needed:

Press Save when done to create your event.

Frequently asked questions

Can I duplicate an existing event?

Yes, you can copy any existing event and use that as a template to create a new event. You will find the Copy option in the context menu of an existing event.

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