Customising event banners

Find out how to change the banner image of an event

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Once you’ve created an event, you can upload a custom banner which will be shown on both the public and private event pages, and which will also be used as a preview image when sharing the public event link on social media.

How to upload an event banner

To upload an event banner:

  1. Head to Events and click on the event you want to update

  2. Open the Banner card

  3. Drag banner image into the card or click on Choose a file

  4. A preview of your banner will be shown

  5. Click on Confirm banner to upload your banner image

Banner size and image type

The recommended size for event banners is 1024 x 512 pixels or larger. The design of the event pages is optimised for a banner with a 2:1 ratio for width to height. You can upload JPEG or PNG files.

Here are two example banners in the right size (right click to download):

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