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Learn how to set up promotional event notifications, reminders and post-event emails to your members and attendees

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In Hello Club you can set up event notifications which will automatically be sent out to specific members or event attendees on a date and time of your choosing.

These email notifications can be used to promote events or to remind members about an upcoming event. The emails can also be customised with your own text to deliver unique messages to your members.

Turning on event notifications

To turn on event notifications globally, navigate to the Settings module, click on the Emails card and scroll down to find the event notifications setting.

Note: Once enabled, event notifications will be sent out automatically according to their scheduled date. Please ensure you don’t have any test notifications set up before enabling this setting, as this may cause unwanted emails to go out to your members.

Set up an event notification

To set up a new event notification:

  1. Head to Events and click on the event you want to edit

  2. Open the Date & time card and click on Notifications

  3. Click on the Add notification button

  4. Choose the Type of notification, which will determine whether the notification is sent before or after the event and which audiences it can be delivered to.

  5. Select the Audience you want the notification to be sent to

  6. Choose when you want the notification to be sent

  7. Click the Next button

  8. Enter your own custom Subject and Text for the email notification. If you leave these blank, a default subject and text will be used. You can use tags like [FIRST_NAME] and [EVENT_NAME] for additional personalisation.

  9. Click Save to confirm

Your new event notification will now show up in the list of notifications for that event, and will indicate when it’s scheduled for and whether it has been sent or not.

Temporarily disabling event notifications

You can temporarily disable event notifications by clicking on the toggle icon next to a notification and switching it to the disabled (grey) state:

Disabled notifications won’t be sent out on the scheduled date, unless they are enabled again in time.

You can also globally disable all event notifications via Settings > Email as described above.

Frequently asked questions

Can I copy a notification?

Yes, use the context menu and select Copy to duplicate an existing event notification.

What is the default text for notification emails?

The default text for event notifications depends on the notification type:

  • Event promotion
    Hi [FIRST_NAME], there’s a new event coming up at [CLUB_NAME].

  • Event reminder
    Hi [FIRST_NAME], this is a reminder that there’s an event coming up at [CLUB_NAME].

  • Post-event email
    Hi [FIRST_NAME], thank you for attending the event [EVENT_NAME] at [CLUB_NAME]!

Both the event promotion and reminder notifications will also contain more details about the event like the date and location, as well as a sign up button if applicable and a link to the (public) event page for more details.

If a disabled notification that was due to be sent is enabled again, will it be sent out immediately?

That depends on when the notification was enabled again. Notifications will only be sent out within a 3 hour window after the scheduled due date.

So for example, if a notification was due to be sent at 5pm on a certain day, and you enable the notification before 8pm on that day, it will be sent out immediately.

If you enable the notification after 8pm, it will no longer be sent out, and you will have to copy the notification and setup a new one.

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