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If you want to hide an upcoming event or block out bookings for a time period, you can create hidden events. A hidden event means the event won’t be visible to your members but bookings will be blocked out for the event date.

A few reasons why you may want to hide events:

  • Release event details closer to the event time

  • Prevent bookings for an upcoming date

  • Create events visible to administrators only

Hidden events are only visible to club admins and staff. You can make the event visible again at any time if needed.

How to hide an event

  1. Go to Events and select the event you want to hide

  2. Open the Event Details card

  3. Under Options, select Hide event from members

  4. Click Save to confirm

To unhide the event, deselect the Hide events from members option again and save the event. The event will be reappear in the calendar and on the homepage so members can register for it or find out more details.

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