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Differences between the member roles
Differences between the member roles

Find out more about the different roles that you can assign to your members and what permissions these roles provide.

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There are four main roles that you can assign to a member, and each comes with different permissions. The roles are:

  • Member

  • Event manager

  • Viewer

  • Administrator

Anyone with an elevated role automatically becomes a Staff member. In addition, there is one other special minor role for Event organisers.


Regular members have access to non-admin pages only. They are able to make bookings, renew their own subscription, make online payments and update their contact details or profile picture.

Event manager

Event managers have the same basic permissions as regular members, but in addition they are also able to create, manage and remove events. In addition, event managers also gain access to the bookings overview and are able to book on behalf of other members. This is perfect for roles like a Club Captain or anyone else in charge of managing events or bookings for the club.


Viewers are able to access admin modules and view details like members, finances, logs and reports. However, they are not able to edit any data or make changes to settings. Assign this role to anyone who needs to access information, but doesn’t need to make changes to it.


Administrators have full access to all modules and are able to change and remove data, change settings and manage integrations. Assign this role with care, and limit it to a few select people who need the permissions to do their job, like a Club Manager, Membership Secretary or Treasurer.

Frequently asked questions

Can I setup my own custom roles?

Not at this stage, but this is planned for a future release so keep an eye out for our new feature announcements.

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