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Categorising events using event categories
Categorising events using event categories

Learn how to categorise your events to make them easier to find and differentiate

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Event categories provide a colourful way to organise your events. Assigning an event category with a colour to an event helps members and admins easily differentiate between various events at your club or organisation.

Setting up event categories

To set up and manage your event categories:

  1. Go to Settings and open the Events card

  2. Click on the Categories tab

  3. Select Add Category

  4. Choose a name and colour for the category, then press Save

Once saved, you can also easily change the colour of the category by clicking on the coloured circle to the left of the category name, and then choosing a new colour from the selection:

Viewing events in the calendar

Once you have categorised your events, members will be able to easily differentiate events in the Calendar based on the category colour. This can help members to find events that they are interested in.

Members can also filter the calendar by event category using the dropdown at the top right-hand side

Filtering events as an Administrator or Event Manager

When viewing the Events page from the admin menu, you'll see the category listed under each event name with its corresponding colour. Administrators and Event Managers can filter events by category using the filters on this page. This can be useful to find and manage specific events only.

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