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How to create and manage public events

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If you want to grow your membership, Public Events are a great way to expand and introduce your club or organisation to potential new members. People outside your organisation can register for and participate in events through Hello Club without opening an account.

Public Events are currently available from the Standard plan and up.

Learn how to create a public event by following the steps below:

Step 1 - Set up your event

  1. Go to the Events page

  2. Click on the green plus icon to create a new event as usual

  3. Tick the checkbox This is a public event:

  4. Continue setting up your event as usual

Step 2 - Set up Rules and Fees for guests

If you want guests and visitors to be able to register for your event, you will need to add Rules and Fees that apply to guests and visitors.
When setting up your attendance rules, add a rule/payment method that applies to Guests and visitors

Tip: you can set a different payment method and fee for each rule, so guests can pay a different amount to your members.

Step 3 - Set up Questions for guests

If you want to include questions for your guest attendees to answer when they sign up, create a question that applies to guests and visitors

You can choose if answers are required for each question in the settings

Step 4 - Manage event attendees

When a guest signs up for your event, they can be identified by a grey user icon

Administrators and event managers can manage/edit attendees via the context menu correlating to each guest attendee.

Identifying your Public Event

Once your event is created, you can identify it as a Public Event by the globe icon in the event overview:

Signing up as a Guest

Guests will be able to sign up for the event through the shareable link. In the sign-up flow, they will be given the option to choose how many people they wish to sign up with and need to pay the fee for each guest they are signing up.

The questions that you've created for guests will also appear in the sign-up flow and an answer may be required for each guest, depending on your settings.

Frequently asked questions

Why is there a disclaimer regarding 'guest ticketing' and what does it mean?

Public Events is currently a beta feature and there is no additional fee to use this feature. It may be possible that there could be additional fees charged to provide guest ticketing for outside attendees in the future. This disclaimer appears on the creation of a public event so that clubs and their admins are aware that the functionality of this feature may change and incur a fee.

How can I share the event on another website?

Hello Club will automatically generate a public shareable link for your event. You can copy this link and use it on other sites such as social media to promote your event. It can also be shared by anyone who comes across the event.

Clicking on the Copy link icon from the events page will copy the link to the clipboard:

Sharing this link on social media will normally also generate a preview of your event. Please refer to our help article on sharing links on social media for more information on this feature and for help troubleshooting if this doesn't work.

Can I make a public event for members only?

Yes you can; you will need to omit Step 2 - Set up Rules and fees for guests to bar guests from registering. Creating a public event for members only is a good way to promote your event by giving it external visibility that encourages guests to join your club if they want to attend the event.

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