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Recurring bookings are a simple way to create a repeating series of bookings, such as weekly coaching sessions or regular practice. This guide will show you how to create a recurring booking.

Step 1 – Choose your booking time and type

  1. Go to the Bookings page using the menu or via the home page

  2. Select the area and time slot in which you wish to make your booking

  3. Choose the type of booking

  4. Tick the option Make this a recurring booking

Note: If this option doesn’t appear when you’re making a booking, it’s possible your club or organisation hasn’t enabled recurring bookings for members.

Step 2 – Setup the recurrence

  1. Choose how often you would like the booking to repeat and on what day or days

  2. Select a date for the recurring booking to end

The recurring booking will repeat according to how often you've selected it to repeat and will end on your chosen date.

Step 3 – Confirm your booking

In the last step you'll be shown a booking summary. You can choose to send a confirmation email to other members included in the booking, and a reminder email to yourself closer to the booking.

Click on Confirm Booking when you’re done, and your recurring booking should now appear on the booking page.

If the booking required payment, you will be taken to the payment flow to complete payment for your booking first.

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