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Choosing your Hello Club Plan

Decide on the best Hello Club plan for your club

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You've decided that Hello Club is a good fit for your organisation, but you're not sure which plan is best for you.

Hello Club offers a range of plans to suit clubs of all sizes, whether you're a brand new club starting out or an established organisation, we have a plan to meet your requirements.

What's the best plan for my club?

We've designed each plan to cater to the size of your club and have included a range of features required to manage your club effectively. You'll find our plans listed below from most basic to most advanced, note that each plan includes the features in the plan before it.

Entry Plan – up to 100 members

This plan comes with all of our basic features and allows you to operate a dedicated login portal to make Hello Club your own. Start recording additional information for members using our custom fields, export your data, and integrate your newsletter or accounting services to Hello Club for even more efficiency and time savings.

Standard plan – up to 300 members

Reduce admin work even further with automations for membership renewal and payment collection. You’ll also be able to have guests sign up directly to public events, record unlimited custom fields and send unlimited emails to your members for enhanced communication. Our onboarding team will be in touch to help you get settled in and make sure you get the most out of your Hello Club plan.

Premium plan – up to 1000 members

Increase brand awareness with custom branding features, to put your logo and brand colour at the front. Create your own custom pages for member-only content that your members can access anytime. Support and feature requests coming from your staff will be prioritised higher up as we know you have a lot to get back to.

Business plan – 1000+ members

If you are a large organisation wanting a more customised solution to fit your requirements like a glove this plan is for you. Our team will talk to you about what your ideal solution looks like, and see how we can get there with additional onboarding, additional integrations or reports. With this plan you will also be able to cater for more custom pages & activities, any number of members, and connect to all of our available integrations.

Visit our pricing page to get a further overview of the plans we offer with their features.

Choose your billing cycle

Convinced Hello Club is the right fit? Get 2 months free if you sign up for our annual plan. Or, if you want to take things slow, you can opt for a monthly billing cycle.

How to sign up

You can sign up for a plan by logging into your Hello Club account and either clicking on the orange trial icon on the top right or going to your Club module and opening the Account card. If you would like a live demo and a chat about how Hello Club can help, send us a chat!


If your plan includes our personalised Onboarding Service, one of our onboarding team will be in touch shortly after this first step to help you get started. In the meantime, we recommend getting started with our Setup Guide, reading through our Getting Started and Basics Guides, or reaching out to the team via our Live Chat if you have any questions.

Welcome to Hello Club!

Thank you for choosing Hello Club! The team are looking forward to welcoming you on board and making your transition as smooth as possible.

Before you start, be sure to check out our Terms of Service

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