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Create custom pages to make additional information available via your member portal

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For organisations on our Premium plan or higher, it is possible to create several custom pages with freely editable content and have these display in the menu and link to them via the home page buttons.

Custom pages can be used for any reason you can think of, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Special offers for members only

  • Health and safety updates

  • News and announcements

  • Step by step training guides

  • Sponsor or partner promotions

You can even restrict access to the pages to members with a specific membership.

How to create a custom page

To create a new custom page:

  1. Head to Settings > Custom pages

  2. Click on Add page

  3. Enter a title for the page and choose a matching icon

  4. Edit the page contents (styling options and replacement tags are available)

  5. If needed, restrict who the page is accessible by

  6. Press Save to create your new page

The new page will now show up in the menu on the side of the app.

Note: You may need to refresh the page to see it show up

Change the home page buttons to link to a custom page

To change the home page buttons to link to a custom page:

  1. Head to Settings > General > Homepage

  2. Adjust the action for one of the four buttons

  3. Select the custom page you want to link to

  4. Press Save to confirm

The button you’ve updated will now link to the custom page.

Toggle the visibility of pages

To make a custom page temporarily not visible to members:

  1. Head to Settings > Custom pages

  2. Click on the visibility icon next to the relevant page

This will toggle the visibility of the page on or off.

Frequently asked questions

How can I style the text of the pages?

You can use markdown to style the contents of your pages. In a future version of Hello Club, we will introduce an easier to use style editor.

Note that you can even include images or embedded HTML with markdown, which means you can include photos or videos if needed.

Can replacement tags be used in custom pages?

Yes! You can use a variety of replacement tags for member data, including custom fields, and have these show up on the custom page when a member views it.

Click on the link Show available replacement tags, located under the page contents field, to view all available tags:

Can custom pages be restricted to certain memberships only?

Yes, you can restrict custom pages so that they are only visible by members with a specific membership. Use the Restricted to option when creating a new page or editing an existing page to set this up.

What happens if a member tries to view a restricted page?

The page will still be visible in the menu, but if a member who doesn’t have access to a page tries to view it, they will be advised that the page is restricted to specific memberships only, and presented with a prompt to purchase a new membership.

Can custom pages be updated via the API?

Yes, you can use our API integration to dynamically update your custom pages. We can also flag certain pages as API only for you, so that their contents can only be modified through the API.

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