Tracking payouts

Find out how to track payouts to your bank account and see how to find out what payments were included in each payout

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In general, payment providers will bundle up several payments in one and send this to your bank account in a single bulk payout.

Using our Stripe integration, you can easily track these payouts and find out exactly which payments were included in each payout.

How to track payouts

To track your payouts:

  1. Head to the Finance module

  2. Click on the Payouts tab

  3. Use the filters if needed to filter out specific payouts

A list of payouts will appear in the overview with the name of the payment provider, the payment amount and for some providers, the bank account the payout has been deposited to.

How to view related payments

To view payments related to a specific payout, simply click on the description of the payout (indicated with bold text).

This will take you to the Payments tab, with the filter pre-selected to display only the payments related to that particular payout. This way you can quickly see which specific payments were included in the payout.

Understanding payout discrepancies

In some cases you may find there is a discrepancy between the payout amount that you received in your bank and the sum of payments processed through Hello Club.

The most common reasons for such discrepancies are:

  • You opted to cover payment processing fees, so these fees are deducted from your payout.

  • You processed a payment through your Stripe account outside of Hello Club, for example through other connected software or through Stripe directly.

  • You processed a refund through Stripe.

  • Stripe has reserved a part of your payout to prevent negative balances due to disputes and refunds.

The easiest way to check why there's a difference is by logging in to your Stripe dashboard and viewing the details of the specific payout. If there are any fees, refunds, or charges that were not processed through Hello Club, you will be able to find them in the payout summary or in the list of transactions.

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