Charging a card for a transaction

Charge the card on file for a member to collect payment for a transaction

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If a member has a default card stored on their profile, you can attempt to charge this card to manually collect payment for an unpaid transaction.

Please ensure your Stripe integration is connected before continuing.

How to charge a member’s card

To charge a member’s card:

  1. Head to People > Members and click on the member in question

  2. Open their Finance card and locate the unpaid transaction

  3. Using the context menu, click on Pay with card

  4. Confirm the details in the dialog by pressing Confirm

We'll attempt to charge the member’s card now and the transaction will be updated to paid if the payment succeeds.

The payment will be attempted as a "card not present" payment, meaning card verification should not kick in at this stage. However, if a card has not previously been verified by the member, it is possible that the payment will fail.

Please note that payment processing fees will be applied as per your fee cover strategy settings.

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