Managing cards for a member

Find out how to manage available credit or debit cards for a member

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Normally, members are able to manage their own cards on file by opting in to have their card details stored if they prefer. These details are then stored securely by our 3rd party payment providers, like Stripe.

However, in some cases you may want to add or update a member’s card manually. This article explains where to find the member’s card details and how to update these.

Before you start, please ensure that you have connected your Stripe integration.

Managing a member’s cards

To view and manage a member’s credit or debit cards:

  1. Head to People > Members and click on the relevant member

  2. Open their Finance card and then click to the Cards tab

Here you will find an overview of any currently stored cards along with their brand, last 4 digits and expiration date.

Use the options in the context menu to remove a card or to make it the default payment method.

Adding a new card

You can add a new card from the same location by clicking on the Add card button. This will prompt you to enter the card details:

Enter the card number, expiry date and CVC and press Save to store the card.

If a card requires additional verification, you will be asked to provide the relevant details as well, for example a text message verification. Please ensure that the member is present when adding a new card, so that they can complete this verification process if needed.

Frequently asked questions

Can members also manage their own cards?

Yes, members can manage their own cards via the Account page, under the Cards tab. In addition, they can also add or remove payment methods whenever they enter a payment flow to pay for something, after choosing credit/debit card as the payment method.

Can we disable the card verification process?

No, this cannot be disabled. This verification process is in place to ensure compliance with various regulations for safely processing and storing cards for offline payments.

How are card details stored?

Hello Club does not store or process card details directly. These are sent directly to Stripe’s servers via a secure connection, and processed there. Hello Club only receives the last 4 digits of the card, as well as the brand and expiration date, and this is the information that we present in the app.

To initiate a payment, we send Stripe a unique token which is linked to a specific card, and that’s how Stripe knows what card to charge.

No credit card details are processed by or stored on any of our own servers or databases.

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