Setting up a Stripe account

A step by step guide to help you set up a new Stripe account so you can start accepting credit and debit card payments.

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Credit and debit card payments

Credit and debit card payments in Hello Club are processed securely through Stripe, a trusted global online payments provider. 

We use Stripe Connect to link your own Stripe account to the Hello Club payments platform. This way, all money that your members pay is deposited straight into your own bank account.

Opening a Stripe account

Before opening a Stripe account, make sure you have the following handy:

  • Your club or organisation details

  • Details of other organisation owners, signatories or committee/board members

  • The club or organisation bank account number

Furthermore, make sure you are authorised to sign on behalf of your club or organisation, or invite someone who is to help you open the account.

Next, head to the Integrations module and click on the Stripe integration card, then click on the blue Connect to Stripe button:

You will be taken to Stripe where you can sign up for a new account:

  1. Select your country from the dropdown list. If your country is not listed, we unfortunately cannot accept online payments in your country yet.

  2. Enter your website and club or organisation description in the business website/description fields.

  3. For type of business, select the most appropriate option and fill out your organisation name and address. 

  4. If you are located in Australia or New Zealand and you selected company or non-profit organisation, you will be asked for an ABN/ACN or NZBN number. If you don’t have this, please select Individual or sole proprietorship instead, or enter all 0's or 9's to bypass this. Contact Stripe directly if you get stuck on this step.

  5. Complete the rest of your business and/or personal details and enter the details of other organisation officers/trustees or board/committee members as needed.

  6. As a statement descriptor, enter the name of your club or organisation so members can easily recognise what the payments were for.

  7. Enter your club or organisation’s phone number for support with payments. This can be the phone number of your treasurer as well.

  8. Enter the club or organisation’s bank account number and authorise Stripe to direct debit if needed. Note that this generally won’t happen, as payment processing fees are directly deducted from money coming in.

  9. Enter your own email address and create a password which will be your login account in case you need to make any future changes.

  10. Click on Authorize access to this account.

You will be taken back to Hello Club and your Stripe account should now be connected to Hello Club.

The last step is to review your fee cover strategy and you’ll be ready to start accepting online payments through credit and debit card. 

Ensure your members are charged the correct fees

If you are not fully covering the payment processing fees, it is important to ensure that your members are charged the correct rates. If you have a special non-profit agreement with your payment providers, make sure to tick the checkbox to indicate that you are charged non-profit rates:

This will reduce the fees that Hello Club charges the members to reflect your non-profit status and Stripe's non-profit rates in your country.

Find out more about Stripe’s non-profit rates to see if you are eligible.


If you run into any issues or have further questions about opening a Stripe account, please contact us or the Stripe support team directly.

You can also have a look through the official Stripe documentation.

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