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Automatic pin numbers for new members

Generate pin numbers for new members automatically when they register with your club or organisation

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If you have a keypad installed at your facility, you can let Hello Club automatically generate pin numbers for new members that register with your club.

This can be useful to provide members with temporary access while they await their tag, or simply if you wish to use pin numbers for entry rather than tags.

How to enable pin number generation for registration

To enable automatic pin number generation for registration:

  1. Go to the Settings module

  2. Open the System card

  3. Select Yes for the setting Pin number generation for new member registration

  4. Choose who the pin numbers should be generated for

  5. Press Save to apply the new settings

To disable automatic pin number generation again, simply choose No instead.

Automatic pin number when adding a member as an admin

If the setting for automatic pin number generation is enabled, you will also be presented with a checkbox to generate a pin number for a member when adding one as an administrator. Simply tick this checkbox to have the system automatically generate a pin number for the new member, which will also be included in their welcome email:

Managing pin numbers

As an administrator, you can view or remove pin numbers as follows:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module

  2. Find the member you want to manage and click on their name

  3. Open the Access control card

Both tags and pin numbers will be displayed here and you can edit, remove or disable them as needed.

Frequently asked questions

Are the pin numbers generated on registration temporary or permanent?

Unlike the temporary pin numbers generated for bookings, pin numbers generated during registration are permanent, and will remain active until removed or disabled by an administrator.

I enabled pin numbers for registration but the member didn’t receive a pin in their email

This can occur if you have enabled new member pre-approval and you modify their automatically generated pin number to have a specific validity duration before approving the member.

To circumvent this problem, first approve the member, then make changes to the auto generated pin number.

How do members find out their pin number?

The pin number that was generated for the member will be included in their registration confirmation email, which gets sent out when they have completed their registration and, if applicable, after an administrator has approved their registration.

Linked members will receive their pin number after they've gone through the welcome process in their confirmation email as well.

Can I also manually assign a pin number to a member?

What happens to pin numbers that were already created when I turn off automatic pin number generation?

Any pin number already created will remain active and valid until it expires, even if you disable automatic pin number generation.

Can we still have temporary pin numbers generated for bookings if pin on registration is enabled?

Yes, although the pin number that is assigned to a member on registration is considered a permanent tag, and temporary pin numbers for bookings are only generated if a member doesn’t already have a permanent tag in place.

That means any member with a pin number generated on registration, will not get new pin numbers assigned for their bookings, regardless of that setting. However, members without pin number will still be able to receive temporary pin numbers for their bookings.

This can be useful if you only want to generate permanent pin numbers for members, and keep using temporary pin numbers for casuals.

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