Generating temporary pin numbers

If your facility has a pin pad installed, you can set it up to generate temporary pin numbers for bookings by casual players who don’t have permanent tags.

These temporary pin numbers are only valid around the time of the booking and expire again shortly after. They allow the player access to the facility as well as allow them to turn on the court lights.

This is particularly useful in combination with self registration of new members, as it allows casual players to register for your club and then get access to the facility, all without the involvement of an administrator.

How to enable automatic pin number generation

To enable automatic temporary pin number generation:

  1. Go to the Settings module.
  2. Open the System card.
  3. Select Yes for the setting Auto pin number generation and enter the desired validity times before and after a booking.
  4. Press Save to apply the new settings.

To disable automatic pin number generation again, simply choose No for the setting instead.

Managing temporary pin numbers

As an administrator, you can view or remove temporary pin numbers as follows: 

  1. Go to your Members in the People module and locate the member in question using the search box or simply by finding their name in the list.
  2. Click on the member’s name or use the Edit option in the member’s context menu.
  3. Open the Access control card.

Both permanent tags and temporary pin numbers will be displayed here and you can edit, remove or disable them as needed.

Frequently asked questions

Will everyone get a pin number when I enable this?

No, only casual players or members who don’t have a permanent tag assigned to them will automatically get a temporary pin number when they make a booking. 

Administrators can assign temporary or permanent pin numbers to any member manually though.

How do members find out their pin number?

There’s a few ways for members to find out their pin number. First of all, right after they make a booking, a dialog will show up to notify them of their pin number.

Second, if they opted to receive a confirmation email, the pin number will be listed in that email as well, so they can keep that email as a reference.

Lastly, a member can click on the Pin number button when viewing their booking to display their pin number again:

What happens to pin numbers that were already created when I turn off automatic pin number generation?

Any pin number already created will remain active and valid until it expires, even if you disable automatic pin number generation.

Further reading

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