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Find out how to set up custom fields to capture more information from your members

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If you need to capture more than just a member’s basic personal and contact details in the registration flow (or elsewhere), you can define you own custom fields, and specify whether they are visible to your members and required or optional.

You can choose from the following custom field types:

  • Text input

  • Paragraph text input for longer text

  • Dropdown with predefined options

  • Multiple choice list with predefined options

  • Date selection

  • File upload field

How to add a new custom field

To add a new custom field:

  1. Go to the Settings module

  2. Open the Custom fields card and select Members

  3. Click the green Add field button to add a new field

  4. Specify a label and field type

  5. If you selected a Dropdown or Multiple Choice field, specify the options to choose from by entering each option on a new line

  6. Specify whether the field is hidden from the member, can be edited by the member and whether it is required or optional

  7. Press Save to save your custom field

The newly added field will show up in the list of custom fields, and will also be visible and editable under the member details, when viewing their Club details.

Fields that you’ve marked as editable will also show up in the registration flow, so that new members signing up can fill out this information as well. It will look like the below:

Editing and Amending custom fields

Editing or removing existing custom fields

To edit or remove an existing custom field:

  1. Go to the Settings module

  2. Open the Custom fields card and select Members

  3. Select Edit or Remove from the context menu of the field you want to change

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I remove a custom field, will that information be removed from the members?

No, if you remove a custom field, you only remove the custom field definition. Any member data that has been entered under this custom field will remain intact, but won’t be visible anymore when viewing member details or exporting data.

To make this data visible again, simply add a new custom field with the same label, or ask us for help to recover this data for you.

How can I sort the custom fields in a specific order?

Unfortunately this is not yet possible, so please create your custom fields in the order that you want them to be displayed in. 

However, if you have created a few custom fields already and want to change their order, send us a message and we can help you out on our end.

Are custom fields available on all plans?

You'll have a limit of up to 3 custom fields with our Entry plan, or unlimited custom fields from our Standard plan onwards. Talk to us about upgrading your plan or if you have any questions about our custom fields.

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