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If a member creates a new account by mistake, you can merge their duplicate profile with the original to preserve the data on both profiles and combine them into one.

Watch the video below for a walk-through of how to merge profiles:

To begin:

You will need to identify the source member and the target member.

Source Member:

This could be the duplicate profile you want to remove while preserving its information by merging it into the target member's profile.

Target Member:

This is the original profile and the one you want to keep at the end of the merge.

Merge the profiles together:

Select the context menu next to the Source Member's profile and select Merge.

A window will appear asking you to enter the name of the profile you wish to merge with (i.e the target member).

Then you will need to tick the box confirming you are happy with the merge and then select confirm to process the merge.

The merge will happen in the background and take a few seconds to complete, leaving you with one profile that contains information from both profiles.

What will be merged:

  • Personal details and custom fields

  • Past, current and upcoming memberships

  • Transactions, payments and account credit balances

  • Upcoming and past bookings

  • Event attendance records

  • Current and used coupons

  • Current and previously assigned resources

  • Access tags

  • Circles the member is a part of

  • Social media profile sign in details

  • Roles and groups

What will not be merged:

  • Usernames

  • Any saved credit card details

  • Staff, member highlight or directory fields

As an administrator, you can only merge your own account if you are the target member in the merge. This is because the target member will remain in place and the source member will be removed. It's not possible for your profile to be removed while you are signed in (and would cause quite the pickle!).

The same goes for the account owner, as there always needs to be one account owner, they cannot be the source member in the merge; they will need to be the target member.

After merging:

You may want to review the profile and remove any duplicate memberships.

It's recommended to let the member know that since they had two profiles, they have now been merged into one. You can also send the member a welcome email so they can update their username as it won't be merged across, and the welcome email will ensure that they have access to their profile.

Frequently asked questions:

Why have the personal details not merged across?

If the target member's personal details and custom fields have information in them, the merge will not overwrite this. Let's say that the target member doesn't have any info in the address field and the source member does. The source member's address will be merged across and fill the address field. But if the target member does have an address here, then the source member's address will not overwrite this as it may be valid information.

You can send the member a welcome email which will prompt them to update these fields and it will give you fresh information for this member.

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