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Synchronising or purging system data
Synchronising or purging system data

Find out how to manually synchronise or purge data on your system as a troubleshooting step

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Under normal circumstances, data synchronisation between your access and light control system and our central servers is fully automatic and doesn’t require any manual intervention.

After every change in the app, we send all new, updated or removed data through to the system automatically. In addition, the system will do a full data sync about twice a day, and also after a prolonged server disconnection or internet outage at your facility.

However, if you find that you are experiencing data related issues, like a member not having access to a door or lights or their account credit balance showing up incorrectly, it may help to kick off a manual synchronisation to force a full data refresh.

Manually synchronising data

To manually synchronise all data on the system, head to System > Maintenance and then click on the Synchronise data button:

If the system is online, this will kick off the synchronisation process and it should complete in about 30 seconds, depending on how much data needs to be transferred and how fast the internet connection at your facility is.

If your system is not online, the sync will not work, and you have to wait for the system to come back online first.

Refreshing the kiosk screens

If your facility is equipped with one or more kiosk screens, it may also help to force a refresh of the screens to ensure they have the latest data and settings loaded. It's a good idea to do this after a synchronisation to be on the safe side.

To refresh all kiosk screens, head to System > Maintenance and then click on the Refresh kiosk screens button:

Purging data

If you are experiencing persistent data related problems, for example data appearing to not sync correctly or account credit balances being off, you can try to purge all data from the controller. This will remove all data from the controller and automatically re-sync the latest data afterwards.

Use this option with caution, as you could potentially lose information like access and activity logs that haven’t been synced to our central servers yet. Please contact us for more information or help.

To purge all data, head to System > Maintenance and click on the Purge data button:

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