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Restarting the ICT controller

Find out how to restart the ICT controller in the event of system problems

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In the event of more persistent system problems, for example lights or doors not working, it may be necessary to restart the ICT controller.

Note: Please only restart controllers if you have followed the troubleshooting steps to try and resolve a problem, and the steps recommend a restart.

Restarting the ICT controller

If the system is showing as online, but doors, lights or tag readers are not working as expected, you can try to restart the ICT controller instead. This process should take about two to three minutes to complete. Note that if the system status is showing as offline, restarting will not work.

To restart the ICT controller, head to System > Maintenance and click on Restart ICT controller:

Please do not attempt to do this more than once. If problems persist, contact us for further support.

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