Setting up system alerts

Learn how to set up alerts to receive notifications regarding power outages, battery problems or when doors have been left open

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You can set up alerts to receive email notifications when various system trouble events occur, for example:

  • Power outages

  • Battery failures

  • Module communication problems

  • Service problems

  • Tamper detection

In addition, you can also receive alerts when:

  • Doors have been left open

  • Doors have been left unlocked

  • Doors have been left in override for too long

  • Lights have been left in override for too long

To set up alerts:

  1. Go to the System module and open the Alerts card

  2. Tick the alerts you would like to get notified about

  3. Specify the email address or addresses to receive notifications at

  4. Press Save to store your alert settings

You will now get notified automatically in the event of a system incident.

Note: In the event of a power outage, it is also likely that your facility will lose its internet connection. In that case, we are unable to send a realtime notification to alert you of the power outage, however, as soon as power is restored you will receive a message to indicate that the power went down and came back up again.

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