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Styling your text
Styling your text

How to add style elements to text fields and outgoing emails

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Hello Club allows you to use markdown to style your text in the following places:

Read on to find out more about markdown and how you can use it to style your text.

What is markdown?

Markdown is a way to style text on the web. Formatting words as bold or italic, adding links and creating headers or lists are just a few of the things we can do with markdown. Mostly, markdown is just regular text with a few non-alphabetic characters thrown in, like # or *.


To add headers using markdown, enter a single or double # character and a single space before your title text. For example, # Welcome will generate the following format on your home page welcome text:

If you wish to have a smaller header, use ## Welcome.


To emphasise specific words or sentences, you'll need to add characters to both ends of the text. For italic text use a single * character, for bold text use double ** characters.

For example, the following text will generate bold and italic text for the membership conditions:

Holders of this membership **must** be registered students 
*you may be required to present proof on request*

This will result in the following style:

Ordered lists

To create ordered lists, simply number your list items as follows:

To join our main event:
1. Get a team together
2. Register your team

This will result in the following list:

Unordered lists

You can also create unordered lists by using the - character for your list items:

Don't forget to bring:
- protective gear
- signed waiver form

Which results in:


To add an image, you will need to use an image via your web browser. Right-click on an image on a website and open it in a new tab. Copy the link for the image and paste it into the template below:

![1](insert image link here)

Avoid adding any spaces or removing any symbols from the template.

This will embed an image into your custom page.


To include clickable links to other webpages, you can either paste the full link directly into your text, or use brackets for hidden links:

Please see our [club website]( for more information

This works too:

For more information please go to our club website at:

Tip: You can also include links to other Hello Club pages available to your members.

Frequently asked questions

This is too hard, why can’t I use an editor instead?

Agreed! We are working on implementing an editor to make this a lot easier. But in the meanwhile, we wanted you to have a way style your text if needed, so consider this a temporary solution.

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