Highlighting members on the home page

Find out how to highlight members on the home page to promote them or their services to your other members

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You can highlight any member and have them be displayed in a prominent spot on your home page. This is useful if you want to promote a member or their services to your other members. Examples can include:

  • Coaches, tutors or instructors

  • People with a specific profession

  • Special mentions like member of the year or month

  • Award winners

The highlight title and description can be freely modified, and you can also include the member’s contact details if you want.

How to highlight a member

To highlight a member on the homepage:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module and find the relevant member

  2. Click on their name or use the Edit option in the context menu

  3. Open the Member details card and click on the Highlight tab

  4. Tick the checkbox Highlight member on home page

  5. Specify a highlight title and optionally a description and contact details

  6. Press Save to confirm

The member will now appear on the home page with their avatar and specified details. To remove a member again, simply untick the checkbox.

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