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The member directory

How to setup the member directory so that your members can view and discover each other

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Members can choose to have their name and contact details listed in the member directory. This will allow other members of the club to view their details and contact them if needed.

Members can choose to opt in or out of the member directory, and they also have full control over which of their details are displayed. Both administrators and regular members can view the member directory, but they must be logged in to Hello Club to do so.

Enabling the member directory

You can enable the member directory via Settings > General settings > Modules. Please refer to the help article on enabling or disabling modules.

We can also bulk opt-in your members for you. Just send us a message after you’ve enabled the member directory and let us know which details you'd like to see included.

Choosing what fields are displayed in the directory

Once the directory has been enabled, you can adjust which default and custom fields are displayed in the directory via Settings > Members > Directory Fields.

You can choose to include the following default fields:

  • Email

  • Phone or mobile number

  • Address

In addition, you will also be able to include any custom fields you’ve defined.

For each of the fields, you can indicate whether the field should be visible in the member directory, and whether a member will be opted in to have that field included in the directory by default when registering or not:

Note: If you find some of your fields are not present in this overview, please make sure that those fields are Enabled and at least Visible for members, either via Settings > Members > Default fields or via Settings > Custom fields > Members.

Displaying members in the directory

As an administrator, you can add a member to the directory as follows:

  1. Go to People > Members

  2. Find the member you want to add to the directory and click on their name

  3. Open up the Member details card and then choose the Directory tab

  4. Enable the checkbox labelled List in the member directory

Enabling this will then bring up another list of checkboxes, where you can determine which of the members contact and other details to display in the directory:

After saving these changes, the member will be displayed in the member directory along with the selected information:

Opting new members in to the directory by default

You can change whether new members should be opted-in to the directory by default or not. You can find this setting under Club > Registration:

Please note that even if this checkbox is enabled, a new member can still opt-out of the member directory if they choose to do so.

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose what fields are displayed in the directory?

Yes, you can choose to display all basic contact details in the directory, as well as any custom fields that you have defined and which are visible to members.

Can I force all members to be displayed in the directory?

No, to protect the privacy of your members and to abide by various privacy laws and regulations, members can always choose to opt-out of the directory if they don’t want to be listed. This cannot be disabled.

However, we can bulk opt-in your existing members for you, provided that you have notified your members of this in advance. Please contact us for more information.

Can the member directory be viewed in kiosk mode or when not logged in?

No, to protect the privacy of your members and make sure their data is not exposed publicly, a member must be logged in before they can view the member directory.

Can I display the member directory on our website?

Yes, using our API integration you will be able to query member data directly from our database and list them on your website in the desired formatting.

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