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How to setup and manage renewal notification emails

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Your members can receive an email whenever their membership subscription is about to expire. This is a fully automated process, and makes it easy for members to renew their memberships on time, without requiring any input form an administrator.

Managing renewal notifications

You can enable membership renewal notifications and manage its settings for a specific membership type as follows:

  1. Go to the Membership Types and click on the membership type you want to edit.

  2. Open on the Term & renewal card, and then click on the Renewal tab.

To enable notifications, ensure the following checkbox is ticked:

You can control when notifications are first sent out by specifying how far out before expiry a membership can be renewed using this setting:

Globally enabling or disabling renewal notifications

Membership renewal reminder emails can also be disabled globally, which will override the individual membership settings. Use this to temporarily disable all renewal emails if needed. You'll find this setting under Settings > Emails:

Making sure your membership fees are up to date

Whenever a member renews their subscription, they will be charged whatever membership fee is current at the time of their renewal.

If your membership fees change yearly, for example after an AGM meeting, please make sure that you also update your membership fees in Hello Club before renewal reminders are due to be sent out, so that your members are always charged the correct membership fees.

This is especially important if you have anchored memberships, which always renew on a fixed date of the year.

The renewal notification email

The following is an example of the notification email that members will receive when their subscription is up for renewal. The logo will be replaced by your own logo if you have uploaded one and you can also change the custom message that appears in the grey box under Settings > Emails > Templates.

Clicking on the Renew now button will take the member to Hello Club, prompt them to login if needed, and then start the renewal process.

Frequently asked questions

How often are renewal notification emails sent out?

Renewal reminder emails will be sent out according to the following schedule:

  • 2 months before expiry

  • 1 month before expiry

  • 1 week before expiry

  • 3 days before expiry

  • On the day of expiry

  • 1 week after expiry

  • 3 weeks after expiry

However, please note that emails will only be sent if a membership can actually be renewed at that time. So if a membership cannot be renewed yet when a reminder is due, that particular reminder will be skipped.

Can we prevent emails on certain dates, like public holidays?

Unfortunately we cannot prevent emails going out on specific calendar days. However, if you don't want your members to receive any subscription renewal reminders on a particular day, you can simply turn off the renewal reminders globally via Settings > Emails and turn them on again the next day:

Can we change the text of the renewal emails?

Not at this stage, although this is something we may offer in the future.

Why did a member still receive a renewal reminder after I created a new subscription for them?

Creating a new subscription will not stop the membership renewal reminders. It is recommended that you Renew the old subscription instead, which will link the old subscription to the new one, so that the system knows not to send any further renewal reminders to the member.

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