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A quick overview of membership auto renewals

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Memberships in Hello Club can be set up to auto renew, which can save members a lot of time, especially for weekly or monthly membership types which require frequent renewal.

Auto renewal for members

Whenever a member renews their subscription and chooses to have their card details stored, they will be offered to have their subscription auto renew going forward:

Once they opt-in, their subscription will be set to auto renew whenever it is about to expire. The member will be notified by email a few days before auto renewal is set to take place.

Auto renewal can always be disabled again by the member by visiting their Subscriptions page and clicking on the button to disable auto renewal.

Auto renewal for admins

As an administrator, you can also enable or disable auto renewal for a specific membership subscription:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module and find the member you want to edit

  2. Click on their name or use Edit from the context menu

  3. Open the Subscriptions card and find the subscription you want to change

  4. Click on Enable auto renewal or Disable auto renewal in the context menu

  5. Confirm your selection

Auto renewing subscriptions can be distinguished by the auto renewal icon after the subscription end date:

Auto renewal by default

While auto renewal is optional, you do have the ability to enable it by default for specific membership types, so that any new member who registers and stores their card details, will automatically be enrolled for auto renewal of their subscription.

To enable auto renewal for a membership type:

  1. Go to the Membership Types page and click on the membership you want to edit

  2. Open the Term & Renewal card and click on the Renewal tab

  3. Toggle the checkbox to enable auto renewal for memberships of this type by default

You can also change the auto renewal timing for this membership type to specify how many days before expiry a membership will auto renew (up to 90 days).

We recommend the following auto renewal timings depending on the term of your membership:

  • 1 year – 10 days before expiry

  • 3 months – 5 days before expiry

  • 1 month – 3 days before expiry

  • 2 weeks – 2 days before expiry

  • 1 week – 1 day before expiry

However, you are free to use any timing that you consider suitable.

Auto renewal payment strategy

You can decide the payment strategy for memberships that are auto renewing:

If you have Stripe integrated for online payments, and a member has their credit card saved, then auto collection of the payment will be attempted so long as one of the first two settings is enabled.

Below is a brief description of each option:

Attempt payment and only renew if payment succeeds:

Enabling this option means the membership will only auto renew if the payment can be successfully auto-collected.

Attempt payment and renew even if payment fails:

Auto-collection will be attempted once. If the payment fails, auto renewal will still succeed. Members will need to pay later if the payment doesn't auto-collect initially.

Renew membership type and generate invoice but don't collect payment

The member will be sent an invoice and the membership will auto renew without auto collecting a payment. Members can pay later. This option is best suited for clubs who don't have Stripe integrated.

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