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Frequently asked questions about the Xero integration
Frequently asked questions about the Xero integration

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Xero integration

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Questions about your Xero integration or running into problems? Have a look through some of these common questions and problems to see if that resolves your issue.

This article covers the following topics:

Please see our separate help articles to find out how the Xero integration works, or how to set up your Xero integration.

General questions

Do I still need to create invoices for my members in Xero?

No, Hello Club is intended to be the source of truth with regards to the status of your transactions and payments. You can generate invoices and have your members download them and pay them from within Hello Club. This includes automatic invoices for transactions like membership renewals, bookings and event attendance.

The Xero integration will automatically create invoices and payments in Xero against the correct revenue accounts when it synchronises your data.

As such, there is no need to manually create invoices in Xero in addition, unless you are creating invoices for contacts that are not in your Hello Club members database.

I need more level of detail in Xero

If you require more level of detail in your Xero invoices, please ensure that you have selected Individual invoices as type of synchronisation under the integration settings:

This will create individual invoices for each payment in Hello Club, with the member's name as reference and detailed transaction information in the line items.

Do you have some detailed examples on how the integration works?

Yes, please see the Xero reconciliation examples article to find out in more detail how the Xero integration works with some step by step examples for common payment scenarios.


Which transactions get synchronised to Xero?

Hello Club synchronises all paid transactions to Xero. Unpaid transactions are not synchronised because it would run the risk of having incorrect data in Xero when a transaction is changed or removed after it has been synchronised.

To keep flexibility and allow you to edit unpaid transactions, we currently only synchronise paid transactions into Xero.

What about accounts receivable?

Because we don’t synchronise unpaid transactions, there will be no record in Xero of accounts receivable. However, you can easily run a report in Hello Club at the end of the financial year to bring up any unpaid transactions and enter those into Xero manually.

I’m not seeing recent payments appear in Xero

Payments will only be synchronised if the related invoicing period has ended. If you selected individual invoices or a daily summary invoice frequency, payments for today will only appear in Xero the next day.

If you selected weekly or monthly summary invoices, payments for the current week or month will only be synchronised once the week or month has ended.

I made a mistake, can I undo a synchronisation?

Yes, if needed you can reset Xero data for a certain period of time. This will delete all payments and void related invoices that were created in Xero. The corresponding payments in Hello Club will also be reset so that they can be synced again later.

To reset Xero data:

  1. Go to the Integration module

  2. Open the Xero card

  3. Click on the grey Reset button

  4. Select a from and to date, and press Confirm to reset the data

I don’t want to wait for the daily sync, can I synchronise manually?

Yes, you can start a manual synchronisation at any time:

  1. Go to the Integration module

  2. Open the Xero card

  3. Click on the grey Manual sync button

This will start the synchronisation process in the background.

I am having issues with the synchronisation

Clearing accounts

What are the clearing accounts used for?

Clearing accounts are intermediate accounts used to help reconcile payments between Hello Club and Xero. In particular, they address the following unknowns:

  • We don’t know when exactly a payment arrived into your bank account

  • Multiple payments could possibly arrive in your account in bulk (for example cash payment deposits or EFTPOS payouts).

So when a payment is synchronised from Hello Club to Xero, it is recorded against the clearing account for that specific payment method. This indicates that you can soon expect to see a payment for that payment method into your bank account, or that you recently received such a payment.

Once the payment actually arrives, you can simply reconcile it against the relevant clearing account, which should then balance that account to zero.

Can I use a single clearing account for all different payment methods?

While this is technically possible, it is not recommended as you will not be able to keep incoming payments from different payment methods apart as easily.

Therefore, we recommend that each payment method gets its own corresponding clearing account in Xero. This makes it easier to follow the flow of transactions for each individual payment method and is less prone to reconciliation mistakes.

Why are my clearing accounts for online payments not balancing to zero?

The differences you are seeing are likely due to the delay between our integration recording payments against your clearing accounts in Xero and the money actually arriving in the bank. Payouts from Stripe or even POLi can take a few days to arrive, but we record payments on the same day.

So it’s possible that when you reconcile your payouts, some new payments have already been recorded and as such the balance on your clearing accounts will not be zero.

Payment processing fees

Why do we need two expense accounts for payment processing fees?

Depending on the payment provider, payment processing fees may be classified as tax exempt (e.g. zero rated) or as tax inclusive. If you offer multiple different payment methods, it is recommended to set up both accounts to ensure correct accounting of the tax component on payment processing fees.

If you only use one payment provider, you may be able to get away with a single expense account, but as we may introduce additional payment methods and the tax status of a provider may change in the future, it is safer to create both accounts.

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