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Xero integration
Introduction to the Xero integration
Introduction to the Xero integration

Spend less time doing accounting work by automatically reconciling payments and transactions from Hello Club to Xero

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Our Xero integration allows you to push financial data from transactions and payments into Xero, resulting in easy and seamless account reconciliation.

Once set up, you can simply manage all transactions and payments in Hello Club as usual and let the synchronisation process take care of the rest.

Hello Club will automatically create invoices and payments in Xero on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All Hello Club transaction types can be mapped onto specific Xero accounts, including liabilities like deposits and account credit.

Read on to find out how the integration works, or dive straight into setting up your Xero integration.

How the integration works

The Hello Club Xero integration currently synchronises the following:

  • Paid transactions from Hello Club are pushed to Xero as paid invoices.

  • Corresponding payments recorded in or made through Hello Club are pushed to Xero as payments and mapped against the relevant clearing accounts.

The following diagram illustrates the flow of data:

  1. Automatic or manual transactions are created in Hello Club.

  2. Invoices for these transactions can be downloaded from Hello Club.

  3. Once a transaction is paid online by a member or marked as paid by an admin, payments are recorded for these transactions in Hello Club.

  4. Receipts for these payments can be downloaded from Hello Club.

  5. Transactions are synchronised to Xero, which creates paid invoices in Xero mapped against your nominated revenue or liability accounts.

  6. Payments for these invoices are recorded against your clearing accounts.

  7. Members pay either through Hello Club or using an alternative method.

  8. Once the money is in your bank, you can reconcile the payouts against the correct clearing accounts, or create a bank rule to automate this.

Still confused? Have a look at some common reconciliation examples.

What the Xero integration doesn’t do

Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • We don’t create separate customer accounts for each one of your members in Hello Club. To view a detailed financial summary of individual members or to view their individual invoices, you can use the Finance modules in Hello Club.

  • We don’t let you manage your Xero tax rates through Hello Club, and will use what you have already setup or fall back to the defaults of your country.

  • We don’t feed back information from Xero into Hello Club, so if you receive payments via bank transfer, you’ll still have to tick off the transaction as paid in Hello Club manually.

Keep an eye on this page, as we’re constantly improving our integrations and adding support for new workflows.

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