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Setting up your Xero integration
Setting up your Xero integration

This article explains how to connect your Xero account to Hello Club and how to set up your Xero integration to best suit your needs

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Follow these six steps to get started with our Xero integration and connect your Xero account to Hello Club:

1. Connect to Xero

To connect your Xero account with Hello Club:

  1. Go to the Integrations module

  2. Open the Xero card

  3. Click on the blue Connect to Xero button

You will be taken to Xero where you need to login with your Xero email address and password to give Hello Club access to your data:

Once logged in, you will be asked if you want to give Hello Club access to your organisation data. If you have multiple organisations, you can select the organisation that you want to connect with. Click on Allow access to confirm:

Once done, you will be taken back to Hello Club and presented with follow up steps to finish the setup of your integration:

2. Choose contact to use

All invoices and credit notes are recorded against a single contact in Xero for easy referencing. To create or select a contact to use for Hello Club:

  1. Click on Choose contact to use or click on the Contact tab

  2. Change the name of the Hello Club contact if needed and press the green Create in Xero button to create this contact

  3. Alternatively, you can Choose from existing contacts instead

  4. Press Save to continue to the next step

3. Map your accounts

The next step is to map all your Hello Club transaction types and available payment methods to corresponding Xero accounts.

Please go over each account and either create the suggested default account by clicking on the green Create in Xero button, or click on Choose existing to select from one of your existing accounts instead.

You should create or select an account for every transaction type and payment method in the list, even if you don’t think you’ll be using it. This avoids the risk of payment synchronisation errors if you or another admin does end up using the transaction type or payment method.

Once you’re done mapping all accounts, press Save to continue.

A note on Liability and Clearing accounts

Liability and clearing accounts need to have payments enabled to them in Xero, so that Hello Club can record payments against these accounts. If you create these accounts through Hello Club, this will automatically be enabled for you.

To enable payments for an existing Xero account, go to your Chart of Accounts, click on the relevant account to edit the details, and ensure the checkbox Enable payments to this account has been checked:

4. Choose sync start and end date

On the settings screen, you can now specify a start date from when you’d like your payments to be synchronised. You can pick the start of the current financial year, or any date in the past, present or future that suits your needs.

If needed, you can also specify an end date. This can be useful if you only want to synchronise a certain portion of your payments. You can leave the end date blank to keep synchronising until further notice.

5. Choose between summary or individual invoices

The next step is to decide whether you prefer summary or individual invoices to be created. The difference between the two is explained below:

Summary invoices

This option will group multiple transactions in a specific period into one invoice with separate line items for each transaction type. Each line item will show the total amount invoiced for the corresponding transaction type in that period.

This is ideal if you don't need a high level of detail in Xero and want to keep things simple.

If you select summary invoices, you will also be prompted to set your preferred summary invoice frequency. This controls how frequently summary invoices are created.

If you don’t process many payments, Monthly might be sufficient. However if you process a large amount of transactions, you may want to reduce it to Weekly or even Daily.

Individual invoices

This option will create a separate invoice for each payment made or recorded in Hello Club. The member name will be used as the invoice reference, and each transaction paid will be recorded as a separate line item with full details in the description.

This is ideal if you require more specific information in Xero for reporting purposes or if you want to better track payment across Hello Club and Xero.

Once you’ve chosen an invoice type, press Save to update your settings.

6. Run initial synchronisation

After you’ve reviewed all the settings you will be taken back to the status screen where you should see all steps completed except for the last one:

  1. Click on Run initial synchronisation

  2. Press Confirm to start the initial synchronisation

The initial synchronisation will run in the background. Depending on how many payments and transactions need to be synchronised, this can take anywhere between a minute and half an hour.

You can come back later to check if the synchronisation has completed. You can also view the audit logs to monitor the progress of the synchronisation and to be on the lookout for any errors.

Once the initial synchronisation is complete, Hello Club will automatically synchronise going forward. Individual invoices will be created for each payment, and summary invoices will be created as per your selected invoicing frequency.

If needed, you can return to the integration screen any time to make changes to your account mappings or synchronisation settings.

Disconnecting from Xero

If you no longer require the Xero integration, you can disconnect as follows:

  1. Go to the Integration module

  2. Open the Xero card

  3. Click on the grey Disconnect from Xero button

This will disconnect your Xero account from Hello Club and stop future synchronisations.

Alternatively, you can also disconnect the integration from within Xero:

  1. Go to the relevant organisation

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Go to Connected apps

  4. Choose Disconnect app for the Hello Club app

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